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LINC Financial enables you to focus on the better things in life and worry less about money. Our financial services representatives believe that your financial wellness is their topmost concern, and offer guidance backed by experience and technology, thoughtful strategic advice and the highest level of service you deserve.

How Can We Help You?

LINC Financial’s financial services representatives are ready to help you at every stage in your life to ensure that you are always in control no matter what life brings you – ensuring you the time and peace of mind to enjoy or attend to what’s truly important.

Growing Your CPF Funds

Maximising how CPF can work for you.

The CPF Investment Scheme (CPFIS) allows you to invest your CPF savings in a wide range of investment products. However, there is no certainty that investment products included under CPFIS will deliver above the guaranteed returns. We can guide you on how to invest your savings, what risks your circumstances will allow you to accept, how long you should stay invested and when you should adjust your investment portfolio to keep up with the dynamic market situations.

Insuring Your Health

Protect yourself with an affordable health plan now before the unthinkable happens.

Health is the most precious asset that we often take for granted. A critical illness can happen to anyone at any time and treatment is likely to include a lengthy period of sophisticated medical care, therapy and rehabilitation. The situation is worse if it strikes a breadwinner, as the family’s income source will be severely threatened.

When faced with rising medical bills, will your finances give way within a week? Or will you forgo the appropriate treatment because it is financially out of reach?

Life is full of the unexpected, let our financial services representatives assist you in staying prepared and be in control.

Planning Your Savings

Helping you achieve your goals at every stage in life.

A well-structured savings plan can offer you both financial protection as well as a disciplined way to save regularly. Such savings can work harder for you than fixed deposit accounts or bank savings accounts, especially in the current low-interest rate environment.

Owning A Home

Ensuring your loved ones will always have a roof over their heads.

Buying a home may be the single, largest investment many Singaporeans and residents will ever make in their lives. Protecting the family home from unforeseen events to make sure your family always has a place to call home is one of the fundamentals of any good financial plan.

Protecting Your Loved Ones

Standard of Living for your loved ones have to carry on, no matter what happens.

We tend to get comfortable with our current standard of living and take our income earning ability for granted. However, the lifestyle that we enjoy now could easily be disrupted once your income source is affected due to death, disability or a major illness. Our financial services representatives will assist you in staying ahead of the unforeseen by recommending suitable products based on your needs.

Preparing For Your Child's Education

Giving our children the best chance of financial freedom starts with a good education.

A quality university education is vital to a brighter future for your child. We support you in planning for your children’s future by making sure that their tertiary education funding is taken care of.

Work Your Money With Investment Planning

Do you want your hard-earned money to work harder for you?

Investing smartly allows you to earn additional income streams depending upon your risk appetite for investment. We work with you, using the right platforms and tools to support your wealth accumulation needs, helping you realise your dreams.

Protecting Your Assets & More With General Insurance

Get peace of mind with a variety of general insurance made available to cater to your various insurance needs..

LINC Financial works with various insurers to offer you an extensive range of travel, home protection, car and other general insurance policies catered for your needs.

Planning Your Legacy - Will & Estate

You can’t take it with you. But, you can choose who gets it and who doesn’t.

Preparing a will is the smart way to make sure your wishes about your estate is fulfilled rather than leaving those behind to accept the court’s decision and having to incur unnecessary legal expenses.

We believe that wealth preservation is important and hard work shouldn’t go to waste. We’re here to help our clients manage and optimise their assets so they can be passed on to the next generation.

Let our financial services representatives advise you on the finer details of estate and legacy planning now.

Preparing For Your Retirement

The Central Provident Fund (CPF) is only designed for our basic retirement needs.

If you want anything more than a basic retirement, we are fully equipped to take on this responsibility. Increasing life expectancy and rising costs of living may erode your retirement plans. Our financial services representatives can help with careful planning that will assist in helping you enjoy a long and comfortable life whilst having a little extra to support those around you.

Let us assist you in achieving your best financial future

Our friendly financial services representatives will be able to answer your questions and discuss your concerns to help turn your financial goals into reality.

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